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Chilies & Kokopelli Design :: Large Wedding Ceremony Sand Jar

Our Price: $30.40
Item Number: 69
Manufacturer: BELLISSIMO!
Manufacturer Part No: WHRTL-1102

Hand Painted - Large Glass Heart Shaped Bottle with Decorative Cork Top - 6 oz. - 4.5" tall

Amazingly versatile, this elegant heart shaped bottle adds a touch of romance to every occasion. In addition to being the perfect center vessel for the popular Sand Wedding Ceremony, these hand painted, high-quality glass bottles are often enjoyed as dramatic and unexpected wedding and party favors.

This one-of-a-kind keepsake makes a lovely bridesmaid's gift and is often used for wedding table decorations, bridal showers, baby showers, or as a treasured gift for loved ones of any age.

Design chosen for this Large Heart Bottle: CHILIES & KOKOPELLI


There is something very appealing about the Kokopelli. This humpbacked flute player, mythical Hopi symbol of fertility, replenishment, music and dance, is both mysterious and fascinating. While he represents a mischievous trickster or the minstrel spirit of music, his whimsical nature, charitable deeds, and vital spirit give him a prominent position in Native American mysticism. Here we find him hand painted while jubilantly dancing and playing the flute in a world of turquoise cactus and chilies of red, green and yellow.

Chilies & Kokopelli Design :: Large Wedding Ceremony Sand Jar
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