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Love Camera

Love Camera
Our Price: $3.95
Item Number: CAME+12956+N+20X
Manufacturer: The Knot Wedding Shop

Please note: the product featured on this page is not currently available through our suppliers. However, there is no need to worry! We wanted to continue to make sure these products are available to you, so we have partnered with another expert in the business. You will be purchasing this product through The Knot Wedding Shop and your product will be shipping from them. If you currently have other products in your cart here at Happy Is The Bride, then open this new window and complete your purchase with us, then come back and click the link on this page to visit / Wedding Shop. We apologize for the confusion and any inconvenience. Feel free to contact us with any questions.impression

Capture all those candid moments that you would otherwise miss! The Love Camera offers a fresh accent for your wedding reception. A perfect match for any wedding theme! Our cameras are loaded with 20-exposure quality AGFA 200 ASA film. Camera has point-and-shoot operation and one-touch automatic flash. Keep cameras in cool temperature if storing. Camera has a 6-12 month shelf life from date of purchase. Price does not include film development.These re-conditioned cameras have been restored to like-new working condition and appearance - the interior case has been recycled, the film and the exterior are brand new. You'd never know by looking at them, but in your heart, you'll know you are doing a great thing for the environment!


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